Me , Myself and My “cluttered” Life!!!

Hi everybody. This is Ankita  from Kolkata. To speak about myself, my life I guess will be difficult for me, because  there’s nothing special about me. I am a “terribly” ordinary and simple person except in one aspect that unlike the rest of my fellas my energy is never marred by the complicities of  my “cluttered” life!!

I hate fraudulence, or rather maybe I’m too much naive to understand the significance of it, the latter reasoning seems more probable in my case. In that respect I’m unlike the rest of the friends of mine, who understands life and  knows how to extract happiness out of it at ease, without considering even for once what rules they are breaking or maybe harming the sentiments of some other person!

What else? I sing, I paint, nothing new or nothing unique to speak of for I bet loads of people round me do the same things! Yes, But I love doing things my way.

I just can’t understand what to write after such a long time that I had spent completely detached from writing, despite feeling a strong urge from within to write once again. Not that I was a mastermind writer, but still I feel a huge gap inside myself, that needs to be fed and filled up and writing is the only proper outlet through which i can ease the stress!!

Let me speak the truth- Here basically I want to express my thoughts or views on various issues I feel are important for people to know, understand and discuss and raise voices maybe for them because there are many who can write beautiful poems and stories by extending their imagination to an extent that the entire thing becomes surreal, but few write to serve the society and maybe help out a poor soul or more through their writings and yes in the midst of doing these I’d love to leave trails of issues concerned with me and my “cluttered” life, hoping to find a way to simplify it as far as possible!!!  Hope everybody helps me out..

Lastly, a few word’s I’d like to mention-

“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in

stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of


These were words spoken to me and injected inside my mind in the wee years of my life by my father. Till date I’ve always tried to follow as far as it had been possible for me and I dearly hope to be able to  transform  these words to reality, in the truest way possible!!! 

Cheers everybody…rest of the things about me…well u’ll find out…slowly. 🙂


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