The debilitated soul…..

13 Jul

When the mind and the soul cannot consort to each other, when the soul can feel “nothin wrong” but the mind knows “everythin’s wrong”…what happens then?  A few dumb assess though would never have any concerns regarding any humane feelings. Their minds have been poisoned by the caissons of religious bigotry. And we despite being “the biggest democracy” are continuing to make the same mistakes everytime  by welcoming these bastards again and again, by not terminating their misdeeds by punishing them. A birthday gift for Kasab eh? If so an apt one it is and they surely are successful in making him happy. At the moment am feeling numb. Not sure whether am angry or not ‘cuz there’s no use getting angry. Just feeling a surge of hitting those bastards back hard on their faces.

But are we always right to hold a particular country or organisation responsible for terrrorising? I guess we aren’t. Terrorism arises based on various issues- religion, power etc. Why then always point towards a praticular institution when our own country is so very much plagued with the same issues? I wonder when our government will stop succumbing to the needs of the so called “International Democracy” and find a way out to protect its own people. Till then I can’t stop feeling debilitated… 😥

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