Darjeeling Unlimited…

25 Jun

(Part I)

While going….

“Wazz up guys? Finished packing?  I’m done with mine. J” -This was my texting to all my friends early in the morning of  6th june.  I was eagerly waiting for my friends to reply. But none did except Pritha herself,  the one who was going to lead us to her home, The Queen of Hills- Darjeeling!! Then the morning went somewhat uneventful, rather I spent it so because I didn’t want to make a mess on the eve of my outing.

It was around 7 o’clock in the evening when Pritha along with her sister “landed” in my home, all huffing and puffing with their baggages. We took off together to the Railway Station at around 9:30pm. There they were standing- the rest of our gangsters!! Aniket, Anubhab, Mansur….waiting for the rest of us to arrive! One was still missing though- Gairik aka “Goru”. Finally he came too, a little late though, a rucksack in his back, and the appearance purely like that of a street ruffian!! There we were..all ready to venture out  all on our own for the very first time in our lives. Tension was evident on the creases formed on the foreheads of our parents..but we were least bothered!! Ooh! How excited we were!!  The train started moving at around 10:45pm. We were determined to as well as the only ones who remained awake half the night..screaming, houling, wondering why the rest of our co-passengers weren’t reacting at all!! However our reticent mind soon succumbed to sleep, and we felt fast asleep, bringing relief to others finally.

to be continued…

One Response to “Darjeeling Unlimited…”

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