The Cry of memories…

5 Jun

The darkness like a veil,

Surrounding my side,

The pitter-patter of rain,

Reminding my mind,

Of the days gone by,

O dear friend, how I miss those-

Of chocolates and candies,

And beautiful dreams, no lies.

Of mother scolding,

 And papa patting the back,

Of naughtiness supreme,

 And happiness never lacked.

Of sharing the food,

 With friends we loved so,

And standing out of class with them,

With no qualms coming though.

Of laughing with our hearts out,

At things petty and fine.

My friends with me would find out,

At everywhere they shine.

Now grinded with the task,

To make “Sucess” and bring,

Didn’t know when we had lost those days,

Only memories lingering.

Those days will they return?

Tell me dear friend.

The wry call of the future-

Is difficult to offend.

A tear-drop as it falls,

And realization starts.

I’d lost the life of childhood dreams..

And lost them all to the dark…


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